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Dogos Argentinos Argentum
Dogos Argentinos Argentum
Dogos Argentinos Argentum
Dogos Argentinos Argentum
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Litters C2,  G2 and H2 were born on February 1st, February 22nd and March 20th, 2017 respectively
Champion puppies at your home in a matter of weeks!

Brandon Chillar

Luigi Shorty Rossi

Show quality Dogo Argentino puppies with World Champion, first FCA ranked and movie star lineage.
Our stock of over ten adult females allows us to have Dogo Argentino puppies for sale at all times.
Our clients include international breeders, professionals, hunters and families
located in over 36 countries, 22 American States and 5 Canadian Provinces.
We are based in Argentina, the breed's country of origin.
Reservations are required due to waiting lists.

Dogo Argentino Breeder – Criador de Dogos Argentinos – Dogue Argentin Elevage - Argentinean Mastiff Kennel
Dogo Argentino Kennel - Allevamenti Dogo Argentino - Argentinische Dogge – Filhotes de Dogo Argentino